Where do you get your boxes from in the UK?

I know a lot of you might use prep centers but for me at the moment I’m trying to reuse my boxes that I get from deliveries but I’m massively running out

I know you can get some from Costco but it’s like £2 per box.

Any recommendations would be totally appreciated!

£2 a box from Costco? I don’t know where you’re based but my local Costco (Wembley) gives out empty boxes for free. Of course they’re branded etc but they’ve been working just fine for whenever I’ve shipped anything in. Just made sure any other barcodes were covered up to avoid any confusion. Not had any complaints from Amazon at all.

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Costco sell them at £2 a box for 10 - they are near the gardening stuff in Manchester

I see, I’ll have to check in my local one. But like I said- the free boxes have been working just fine but then again I’m still doing small numbers.

Raid Tesco for wine boxes, there’s quite a few sizes and types - you can also easily cut them to size. At least in my local branch (a big one) there’s usually a wheeled yorkie full of them.

For my library business I found the best supplier for my needs was Package-In - they’re in Haverhill. Good people.

UK Packaging is about the same price for cartons but the staff were unreliable in my experience.

Priory in Kent is a big operation, best for bigger orders when their discount schemes kick in. But their free catalogue will give you a wonderful overview of just about every packaging product on the market.