Where do I manage my Amazon Pay

I have registered for amazon pay and have the button on my website etc. When I try and log in it says log into your seller account i do that, but where do i go from there?

Once you have logged into your Amazon seller account, you can access the settings and configuration for Amazon Pay. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. After logging into your Amazon seller account, navigate to the “Settings” or “Settings Dashboard” section. It is typically located in the top-right corner of the page.
  2. In the settings menu, look for an option related to “Integration” or “Amazon Pay.” The specific wording may vary depending on your Amazon seller account interface.
  3. Click on the “Integration” or “Amazon Pay” option to access the configuration settings for Amazon Pay.
  4. In the Amazon Pay settings, you can manage various aspects of your Amazon Pay integration, such as configuring payment options, setting up shipping settings, managing customer settings, and more.
  5. Depending on your specific requirements, you can customize the settings to align with your business needs. For example, you can choose which payment methods to accept, configure the appearance of the payment button on your website, and specify shipping and tax settings.
  6. Save your settings once you have made the necessary changes.

By accessing the settings or integration section of your Amazon seller account, you should be able to configure and manage the Amazon Pay functionality on your website. If you encounter any difficulties or if the layout of the seller account has changed, it’s recommended to reach out to Amazon Seller Support for specific instructions or guidance tailored to your account and situation.