Where do I find wholesalers that offer good products?

Hi everyone!

I’m a beginner to online arbitrage. I have opened my Amazon seller and I got keepa and selleramp softwares. I spent today trying to find products and to be honest I couldn’t find a single profitable product. I have been told to stay away from products that Amazon sells which is pretty much everything. And if I do find something that Amazon doesn’t sell, I cannot find it cheaper anywhere to be able to make any profits… what am I doing wrong?

Someone please help

That is the reality of the situation. I suspect you have watched a Youtube video that has told you this is the way forward.

Unfortunately it isn’t.

As soon as Amazon request an invoice from you, you will be suspended.

I suggest looking for a good wholesaler with a proper supply chain and building your business from there.


It depends on what type of products. Reselling is getting more difficult because it’s volume based and more sellers = less money for everyone.

Are you simply looking for anything to buy low and sell high? Or are you looking for name brand products? Starting with a specific category can help narrow the search.


Yes, but the sellers of Keepa and SellerAmp are happy!


Totally normal. I spent many 12 hour days in front of the computer and couldnt find a single thing and im sure many sellers can tell you the same.

Itll take time dont worry just keep trying your best

I would like to suggest you to spend time with product sourcing as it is time taking task you can do it in different ways like keepa filters, check store front what others are selling, reverse sourcing, leave sourcing, brand sourcing,news letter and sas is also a good software no need to worry as in beginning it’s tough ☺️ but with the passage of time and spending hours in this you will be able to find good deals if you have time issue then you should hire a VA for sourcing profitable products I hope you understand also check website authenticity from which you find profitabl deal wish you good luck 👍😊

It’s okay, do not worry. It is the same for everyone. We all started with 0 knowledge and struggled to find the 1st ever deal and how happy i was :grinning:

Anyway sourcing is not easy and on top of that is very boring but someone has to do it so i can recommend you few great youtube channels where you can learn about sourcing:

Fast track fba

Kev Blackburn

Flip4miles good luck

Where are you looking for item at? Keepa has a product finder there are videos on YouTube how to research.

Start with storefront stalking, it will help you to understand different kinds of products.

Focus on niche categories, explore multiple tools, look beyond Amazon, network with wholesalers, and persist in your research efforts.

Consider expanding your search beyond Keep and SellerAMP to other sourcing tools and platforms, and focus on niches with less competition or unique products to find profitable opportunities.