Where do I find seller review notification settings?


I recently started selling on Amazon and received a negative review regarding an order. A review for my seller account, not the product. I did not receive any email from Amazon about this, so I only saw the review after a few weeks.

Is there an (email) setting for this so I can get notified when a customer leaves a negative review on a seller account?

Thank you

You won’t receive any kind of notification, anymore than you would on eBay.
I can only advise you to check in your account every day, make a habit of it.
Meanwhile take pride in all aspects of the selling experience and try to do your very best for all your customers.
Amazon can be pretty ruthless if you slip up in the early days.


It comes down to one issue, are you at fault or not.

If you are it would be in your best interest to immediately resolve the issue or you will not be around very long.

If you are for fact 100% innocent and a victim of an activist buyer then lawyer up and have the buyer in court.

eBay and amazon both have customer satisfaction policies that totally prevent any buyer from being damaged in any form.

Only reason for an activist buyer to leave negative feedback is to attack and damage the seller. Since the buyer is not damaged, hence, no reason to use social shame to get a refund.

What has happened, if you are not at fault, the activist buyer just maliciously and with plenty of intent damaged your business. You are entitled to compensation for lost sales and such.


Alec, what was the nature of the negative feedback?
Would you be happy to paste it on here?

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That’s called negative feedback.

A seller who maintains a low percentage of negative feedback reflects our customer-centric philosophy. One- and two-star ratings are considered negative. For more information, go to Monitor your account health.

I agree with @skeeter. Feedback falls under your Customer Service Performance. It is in your best interest to resolve this ASAP!


Thank you all for the advice. I don’t know if it’s a negative feedback. There is only one star, this is why I thought it was a negative.

Sure. The feedback was:


One star is indeed a negative.
I don’t know what kind of products you sell, but some categories are beyond competitive - if you get my drift. The fact that the customer didn’t have anything to say does sound like somebody just trying to damage your account.

Personally if I was starting out as a seller, I wouldn’t touch Amazon with a bargepole.


If you’re doing FBA, you can easily have the feedback crossed out. Amazon will take responsibility for “whatever” reason the customer had a problem with the product.


Which is all part of the toxic rot that is Amazon.
Some of those FBA sellers are breaking UK trading laws but are protected by Amazon - in more ways than one.


It is possible, as no messages were ever sent by this customer.

However, I am a new seller, so it’s difficult to imagine why anyone would target me.

It depends what you’re selling. If you’re in a super competitive category, somebody might be trying to nip you in the bud.
If you’re a new online seller, do eBay before you tackle Amazon. I’d been selling on there for 8 years before I started on Amazon. That was in 2010, since then Amazon has worked overtime to create the most adverse selling environment they possibly can. That includes letting non-FBA sellers be crucified by competitors leaving damaging feedback.


I don’t even have the BuyBox. Must’ve just been my bad luck with that customer.