Where do I find invoice with all charges?

I want to print off a receipt/invoice of the outgoings thay Amazon has charged me per listing, professional selling account etc.

I haven’t made a sale yet sadly and cannot find an invoice!

Seller Central > Menu > Payments > Payments > Transaction View

Transaction View

The Transaction View page displays the account transactions within a statement period, up until the prior day’s close. A transaction can be an order, a refund, or an Amazon-initiated charge or credit.

You can adjust the report settings to see…

  • Service Fees: Fees for services such as FBA storage
  • Paid to Amazon: Money you paid to Amazon
  • Other: Service-related fees and other Amazon-initiated credits and charges

You can also run a Date Range Report summary that will list the total amount you paid to Amazon for each fee category.


To access your invoice, go to your Seller Central Account → Reports –> Tax Document Library → Seller Fee Invoices (tab). In your Seller Central account, you will be able to View, Download or Print your Tax Invoice.

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Go into your payments tab under the main menu. On that screen you will see a “transactions” tab. Click on that and it will show you everything your account has processed.