Where can I edit these attributes?


I am preparing a listing for launch and I want to edit this portion of my listing but I cannot find these sections anywhere when I click in to edit under Manage Inventory.

Is this specific section set and not able to be changed once you create the listing, or am I just missing something?

Thank you in advance for your help!


A product feed may have them. Try downloading a specific template feed for your product and check. (Catalogue : Add Products Via Upload : Download spreadsheet).

If it’s your first time using a feed, it will look quite daunting, but don’t give up.


This should be located in the More Details tab of the Edit page for your listing. To edit, go to Seller Central > Inventory > Edit > More Details > Product Description. If you can’t find the Product Description section, switch to Advanced View or contact seller support. The Product Description section of your Amazon listing can be changed even after you have created the listing.