When Does the Amazon Advertising Charges Come Out? Tracking?


So I can see my Ads in the campaign manager and I can track the costs and sales and that’s all good.

But I can’t find anything about when the advertising costs are taken out? And if they are just taken as a bank purchase or if it comes out before the overall Amazon payment on the 28th (this month)… It’s my first month on the seller central too.


P.S. Are the advertising fees included in the “Amazon Fees” section of the payments section?

When it comes to advertising costs on Amazon, here’s some information that can help:

  1. Timing of Advertising Cost Deductions: Advertising costs on Amazon are typically deducted from your available balance before it is disbursed to you. These costs are deducted periodically throughout the month, and the specific timing may vary based on your advertising activity and the payment cycle.
  2. Payment Timing: Amazon disburses funds to sellers every 14 days, and the payment is usually made on the 28th of each month. However, it’s important to note that advertising costs may be deducted from your available balance before the disbursement is made.
  3. Statement and Payments: In your Seller Central account, you can find detailed information about your advertising costs in the Campaign Manager under the Advertising tab. This will give you insights into your advertising performance, costs, and sales. The advertising fees are not typically included in the “Amazon Fees” section of the Payments section, as they are managed separately.

To get more accurate and detailed information about your specific advertising costs and payment deductions, it’s recommended to review the Advertising Reports in your Seller Central account. These reports provide a breakdown of advertising costs and help you track your advertising expenses separately from other fees.

If you have specific questions or concerns about your advertising costs and payment deductions, it’s best to reach out to Amazon Seller Support directly. They can provide you with more specific information based on your account and help address any queries you may have.