What's the best way to get a share of buy box on a listing with sellers of thousand reviews?

I can’t beat them with price as they use repricers which brings their price below mine automatically.

You can do the same. In this case, we’d choose to match their price.


When it comes to getting a share of the buy box on a listing with sellers who have thousands of reviews, it can be tough to compete solely on price. Instead, focus on optimizing other factors that contribute to winning the buy box. This includes offering fast and reliable shipping, maintaining a high seller rating, providing excellent customer service, and having a competitive fulfillment method like FBA. By excelling in these areas, you can increase your chances of winning the buy box and attracting customers.

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Whats the total listing stock vs estimated sales

Dont join any listings with heavy stock relative to the listing sales

If stock is not heavy wait for them to sell out

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