What would you do with 1500 units of inventory that sells 100 units per month?

If your product achieves 100 sales per month… and your inventory is 1,500 pieces… it takes you a year to sell all the inventory… what should I do? Send everything to FBA?

Only if you are rich enough to pay the FBA fees cover the cost of storing your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers; picking, packing, and shipping orders; and providing customer service for products sold.

That’s after you prep, label your products, and ship them the Fulfillment center. Then comes the monthly, and long-term storage fees. overage fees if you exceed your limit of storage, removal, disposal, etc., etc.

If you sell 100 products per month, you will probably sell more by using FBA. So, send 150 units or so to start with. If things pick up, send more. If they don’t, you won’t have to pay to have them shipped back to you, or disposed of.

FBA features, services, and fees

The above Article discusses just about all fees associated with the FBA platform. Most important is the Revenue Calculator. You can estimate fees and profit based on fulfillment channel. This will give you a good idea as to the cost of sending your product to FBA, before you do it.


Depends on the margin/storage etc. I’d quite happily sit on it for a year aslong as decent margin and have space to store it without it all In FBA at one time


List your product on multiple platforms like ebay,walmart, tiktok etc

Sign up Amazon’s 3 PL service "multi-channel fulfillment ". You can sell the product outside of Amazon, such as eBay, your website… and let Amazon pick pack ship your product stored at Amazon’s warehouse. Amazon encourage sellers to do that. You can google it for more details. You don’t need to be Amazon Seller to use Amazon’s 3PL service.