What will happen to FBA shipment without the Made in China label?

My shipment should be here soon, and I just noticed today that there are no labels that say ‘Made in China’ on the packaging. I’ve checked everything a few times, and I don’t know how I missed it, and the supplier did not say anything. It’s totally my fault.

I found out that if it goes through customs and they don’t open my boxes, it will go to Amazon. What will happen then? How can I fix it? I know if customs open it, they will hold my stuff, and then I’ll have to ship it back, I think.

Mentioning “Made in China” is required by US customs not Amazon. If your cargo has been released from customs. Then it’s ok. If not, wait and see.


There will be no problem to go to the United States without made in China label, please don’t worry too much

In addition to the supplier checking the label when shipping next time, you can ask the freight forwarder to check it carefully again. They will check the label carefully when shipping to Amazon for customers. Regarding manufacturing in China, completing customs clearance will not affect delivery to Amazon.