What we can do with those hourly keyword rankings on Amazon?

Some sellers say they’re not worth much – whether you were 10th or 5th yesterday doesn’t seem to matter. But here’s the deal: these hourly rankings can actually be pretty handy in a few ways:

  1. Checking if our PPC bids make sense: You start running those ads, and you’re never too sure if your bid’s on the money. Hourly keyword rankings give you a quick peek at how your ads are doing. If they’re ranking too low, you might wanna bump up that bid.

  2. Figuring out if our ad budget needs a boost: Deciding how much cash to throw into Amazon PPC ads can be tricky. Hourly rankings help see if our daily budget can keep those good-converting keywords rolling. If they’re burning through the budget too fast, maybe it’s time to up the ad spend.

  3. Spotting where our new product stands: New products usually get a trickle of attention at first. But with some smart tweaks, you can get a fluctuating flow of traffic. Good ratings mean stable traffic. Hourly rankings? They’re the ticket to knowing where your new product’s at.

  4. Sneak a peek at the competition: Hourly keyword rankings aren’t just about us. They’re like a window into what our competitors are up to. See if they’re cutting down on ad time or slipping in ranks – that might just be our chance to shine.

  5. Tracking why sales might be changing: We all know sales ride on how high up we are on that search list. Hourly organic ranking data can tell us why things might be going up or down, giving us the edge with the latest scoop.

  6. Seeing how our moves affect our rankings: Hourly organic ranking data shows how our day-to-day moves impact our traffic. It’s like a report card for our strategies – did they help or hurt our rankings?

  7. Knowing where our ASIN’s traffic’s coming from: Hourly rankings cover more than just the basics. They show where the real-time traffic’s flowing from: sponsor product, sponsor brand, sponsor brand video, highly rated or Amazon’s choice.

Basically, these hourly updates on ASIN rankings? They’re gold. They help us stay on top of our game, figuring out why we’re climbing or falling in the ranks. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Thank you for sharing, very helpful! :star2: