What type of sales numbers would lead you to not continue selling a product?

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What’s your description of a failing product? Under 5 sales a week? Under 3 sales a day?

It depends on the product and the profit margin. Generally, if a product is not selling well after a few weeks, you may want to consider discontinuing it.


low sales may have few reasons such as 1) demand and potential of the product 2) no keyword research 3) poor listing content and description 4) generic product images 5) no/poor A+ content 6) price 7) ppc campaigns and strategies


Anything greater than #20 in the category rankings if you have a business.

Selling for a hobby, don’t worry about it unless you are going to get FBA storage fees. At that point make a decision. Only you know your product and market, you can puzzle it out with some work.


Depends on your overall business model and profits. $200 profit per unit and 2 sales a month are better than 100 sales a month with $0.5 profit.


Most certainly, might add to that, it depends on your buyer demographic. If your product is something purchased by a problematic / activist buyer group then the 100 sales would look better. Damage control.

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I think that getting the first sale on a newly launched private label product is the biggest challenge