What to do about missing units from FBA

So I sent in 30+30 total 60 units for an ASIN in two separate shipments. Each time the units located were 29 units. So in total 58 units were located. I got 56 units sold for that particular ASIN. One was returned to me. So that’s 57 in total. Where is the last one? It’s showing zero inventory for three weeks now and I don’t want to send in more products until I solve this. How do we settle this? Will I be reimbursed for missing one unit? What about the two units lost from the initial box? Thank You

Hi @Dennis ,

Try checking the Inventory Adjustments Report. It includes corrections and updates to your inventory in response to events such as damage, loss, receiving discrepancies, and inventory transfers.

It is also possible that your unit is in Reserved status. Check the Reserved Inventory report. You can look up the status of your product by ASIN or FNSKU.

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Thank you for sharing @FunkyMonkey, this was helpful :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome @Dennis, and best wishes. :O)

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