What reports for accounting?


After searching through every forum, I never found a common solution for accounting. Everyone seems to have a different system and even seasoned sellers discover flaws when discussing with other on forums. Can someone please help me which reports are sufficient for my accountant? She needs income reports (sales) and (seller fees = expenses).

I found for income overview:

  • Custom data range report: Fees are VAT included here, but sales are not it seems on forums. Anyone who knows for certain?

But my accountant also needs sales reports individually. I found:

  • Transaction reports: No useable txt file rolls out, even when converted to Excel. Why is there no decent comprehensible report on this?

I found for expenses:

  • Custom data range report and Seller fee invoices: Are the data range report’s expenses (fees) the same fees as in Seller fee invoices? Is it enough for expenses to just download the Seller fee invoices?

Why is there so much discrepancy between reports on Amazon and so little information to explain all report details? The end of the year is approaching and still I can’t hand over a clear and easy to extract report to my accountants. Any help is welcome.

Kind regard

I use Reports > Payments > Transaction View which opens fine in Excel. I then put all of these into a database, but leaving them in a spreadsheet should be fine.

Then I match each transaction against the Amazon Invoice or income, reimbursement or expenditure.

The Amazon Invoices appear to use a different timezone to the transaction reports so there can be discrepancies but they usually even themselves out, but not always because Amazon is Amazon.