What kind of business model is this?

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I am a little confused as I was researching private label, wholesale, arbitrage, white label.
If I want to buy a ungated non branded product in bulk from a supplier like Alibaba and resell on Amazon (without putting my label on it) what would that be called? I thought wholesale but now that is looking like brand name items.

Private label from my understanding would be creating my own item or modifying it…but that isn’t what I want to do. Looking into home/kitchenware.

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Anything you will source from China and ship to amazon by creating your listing will called private label.

Its upto you how many initial units you can ship but this model is best for you as a newbie.


I think it will clear up your all confusions:

Private Label (PL): Private label involves selling products under your own brand name or label, often with customization or minor modifications.

Wholesale: Wholesale refers to buying products in large quantities from a supplier or manufacturer, typically at a discounted price, for resale without changing the branding.

Arbitrage: Arbitrage is the practice of buying products at a lower price in one market and selling them at a higher price in another, often without any branding changes.


Hey Based on what you described, it sounds like you’re interested in reselling non-branded products in bulk on Amazon without putting your own label on them. In this case, you’re looking at a business model called “wholesale.” Wholesale involves purchasing products in bulk from a supplier, such as Alibaba, and reselling them without any modifications. So, it seems like wholesale is the right fit for what you want to do.


Thank you! I was reading a lot of people say wholesale for selling brand names so got confused.

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Actually reselling brand-named products or generic brand products after purchasing from any distributor or seller, both are in the wholesale category. Both involve purchasing goods in quantity from a supplier to resell. Do not be confused about it, be clear!


If you buy products from Alibaba in Bulk and don’t put your brand logo on it, its called white label. In wholesale, we contact a brand and get their brand products from them And taking all the legal documentation of their products from them and also getting the approval that they have sent the products to us. And we take their listing ASIN from them and make it to Me-Too, it’s called wholesale.

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