What is the next step in this restricted product violation appeal?

Hi Seller-Central Community + Kika! We had many restricted product violations applied to our listings that resulted in the product detail pages being removed. We’ve gone through and updated those listings to be in compliance with Amazon’s policies and have initiated the appeal process on the ASINs in question. See the screenshot for my initial appeal reply + POA and then Amazon’s reply. I’m not sure what to make of Amazon’s reply or what the next steps should be. It seems like a positive reply, but we want to get our product listings back active. Was this a misunderstanding or did we not appeal correctly?


Based on the information provided, it appears that you had several restricted product violations applied to your listings, which resulted in the removal of the product detail pages. You have taken the necessary steps to update the listings and initiated the appeal process for the affected ASINs. You shared a screenshot of your initial appeal reply and plan of action (POA), as well as Amazon’s reply.

Without the specific details of the appeal and Amazon’s response, it is difficult to provide a definitive assessment. However, based on your description that Amazon’s reply seems positive, it is possible that they have acknowledged your appeal and plan of action. This could indicate that there was a misunderstanding or that they require further clarification or action from you.

To determine the next steps, you should carefully review Amazon’s reply to understand their specific requests or requirements. Make sure you have addressed all their concerns and provided sufficient evidence or information to support your appeal. If you feel that there might have been any misunderstandings in your initial appeal or if additional information is required, you can consider submitting a follow-up appeal or providing further clarification as per their instructions.

It’s important to be thorough, clear, and concise in your communication with Amazon. Make sure to address all the points raised in their reply and provide any additional documentation or evidence that supports your case. If you have any doubts or questions, it is advisable to reach out to Amazon Seller Support for further guidance and clarification.

Ultimately, the goal is to demonstrate to Amazon that you have rectified the issues, complied with their policies, and are committed to maintaining compliance going forward. By carefully following their instructions and providing the necessary information, you increase your chances of getting your product listings reactivated.

I hope this information helps you navigate the appeal process effectively. Best of luck with reinstating your product listings!

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