What is the best thermal printer for FBA?

I’ve been looking at the Zebra you can get a good used one for about £100. Any other recommendations?

I’ve been using the Polono from Amazon for a year with no issues at all. I have a Dymo 450 for barcode labels and it stalls out a lot, it’s frustrating.

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The Dymo LabelWriter 4XL is the best thermal printer on “planet earth.”

It will print everything you send to it.

Dymo Multi-Purpose Labels (30334) are perfect for FNSKU stickers.


Whatever you do, don’t get Dymo (bad experience) I strongly recommend Rollo

Zebra. Amazon themselves use Zebra printers. Plenty of good used deals on eBay. These will run forever with little to no maintenance.

You want direct thermal as opposed to thermal transfer. Direct thermal doesn’t require a ribbon, although thermal transfer does last for longer, for the purposes of fba you don’t require the longevity of the thermal transfer label.

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One of the best thermal printer is Dymo LabelWriter 4XL, another reliable choice is the Zebra GK420d, which is commonly used by FBA sellers.

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Hey, I use a Rollo and I’m happy with it. The Rollo will use any labels that are made for thermal printers example I get my labels for free by creating a UPS business account and I pick out the items I get for free. I have heard that these other Printers use specific brand name labels which get expensive 

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Thank you for the recommendations, do you order labels from ups online?

Yes. Last I checked they had shipping labels and that’s what I used from them. I literally got a roll of like 1000 or so. I did not see the smaller size labels that you would use to cover up a UPC code though. 

Either way, even if you save cost on your shipping label, that is still something less you have to pay for what you have to do is go to UPS and create a business account not a regular account specifically a business account … they have like four pages of shipping materials that are free so you might need other stuff from them that I just personally don’t for what I’m doing 

Wireless Rollo printer, pricey but I think it worth the price, I got from eBay with good deal

I think I’ve just got the bargain :smile:

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Nice one, managed to get one for £41. Had to pick up the power supply separately though.

That’s a steal! I have had mine for about 5 years now. Still going strong

Very nice