What is the best company entity to sell on Amazon US?

Hey, i live in Hungary and i would like to start Amazon FBA with privat label.

So first i would like to make a U.S. company but i dont know LLC or C Corp is a better option for me.

Is here anyone, who can help me or give me the Informations ?


To start a business, you must register your business in any state of the USA as an LLC. After that, you can obtain a seller certificate, which signifies that you are allowed to sell products in that state. You also need to obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number) and purchase a business address, which you have to renew annually. Now, you are ready to start your business, specifically a PL / Wholesale business or whichever is what you want.

Please check my guidance:

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Hello @istvan,

thank you for posting into our forum. Actually, you do not need an US LLC and I don’t understand why many sellers, especially international ones seek an US LLC.

In Amazon’s eyes, you would be trustworthy if you applied to sell on the platform using a local company from your own country. This would indicate that you are in full compliance with all of your local tax laws and regulations.

Using a virtual company setup within minutes in a different part of the world means that you are an untraceable and unverifiable individual with very little trust and accountability.

Amazon is known to be rejecting new seller registrations who applied with virtual companies.