What is Amazon's take on DIY tags?


Are these allowed? My products are mostly handmade that I source so they don’t have proper packaging from my supplier. I was thinking of adding DIY tags on them and a little ‘Thank you’ note to at least add some value and wrap them nicely.

FYI, I don’t put any review request or anything as I know this is a gray area with Amazon and I don’t want to risk my products getting removed. I just want to know if DIY tags/labels are allowed. I sell them through FBA, not Amazon Handmade so I hope I am not breaking any policies here as well. I listed them as Generic, I am not doing PL at the moment.

Please advise me according fo your experience. Thank you a bunch!

Your verbiage points to you having an issue already in regards to handmade. Better go and read the rules and speak with an attorney regarding what constitutes 'hand made".

I don’t think you will have any issues with including gift tags with your products.

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