What is Amazon's refund policy?

When a buyer requests a refund, does Amazon automatically issue the refund to the customer, or does the seller need to process the refund themselves?

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FBM, you do it. FBA Amazon does it.

Refund is something seller needs to take care of, in FBM. Returns are something that gets out of the hand when you’ve opted for auto-authorizition.

In UK and probably in EU, we have “Refund at First Scan” where Amazon issues the refund when the customer returns the item and is scanned by the carrier. Other marketplaces may have it also.

If this applies to your market, worth reading about it in help. You need to limit the auto-refunds for your more expensive items and you can also switch it off completely.

This system doesn’t suit many sellers but I have no problem with it. If the customer chooses the wrong return reason to get a free return, I always raise a Safe-T claim and recover that amount.

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