What does this mean I tried listing a product and this popped up, seems to be a new thing?

We have identified that you are attempting to contribute to a restricted generic ASIN on which you have not contributed in the past, such as by trying to change the detail page create or update an offer. You must create a new ASIN by following the process as outlined in our Add a Product tool, to be able to make changes, such as extending this ASIN to a new store, creating a new variation relationship, updating ASIN attributes, or adding offers to sell the product. If you are using inventory file templates, provide the Batch ID of the inventory file process report. For more information, go to Amazon’s Generic Product Policy.

If it is private label

Select “ new products not exists on amazon catalogue “

Then enter new purchased unused barcode.

Enter title, bullet point and description, make sure they should be different from competition not a copy paste.

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