What do you do when there is no profit in products?

Hello guys,

Whenever I am searching for product, there is no profit in it because the supplier price is high and they said the prices are fixed so what should I do to lower the price?

The products are excellent but there is no profit that’s why I ignore them. I am quite new in amazon. Is there any recommendation?

Thanks in advance

It took me 7 months to find a supplier that can offer good price to make profits but I needed to order 1,000 units to get that price.


You should have multiple options for product selection and suppliers then you have to decide where can I get maximum profits, if you believe that your product selection is a good then you have to keep negotiation with supplier and increase MOQ then there is a chance to lower price as usual price and try to build relation with supplier that I am not a one time buyer about this product that I will purchase regularly products in future and also bought other products.

Try to convince that I am new here but I will be a good businessman in future.


Find another supplier, but if you are not getting a good one, you should go for some other good products.

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Try to convince them that if they cooperate with you, then you will buy the same product from them in large quantities. Additionally, consider exploring other products and, simultaneously, seek out alternative suppliers. You might find the same product at a lower price; try sourcing from China, as they may offer the product at a more competitive rate.

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Negotiate with suppliers for lower prices or explore alternative suppliers. Consider optimizing operational costs to maintain profitability on Amazon.


Problem is you are honest…
Move to a state that does little to nothing to protect Brick and Mortar shops from theft. I believe in California the limit is $900. That is way more than you will ever make selling on amazon.

Much of the top name brand stuff being resold is from nationwide retail stores, it appears to be either stolen or liquidated stock.

You discovered the reality regarding pricing, only ones getting a serious discount legally is amazon, walmart, costco and a few others. Also keep in mind that amazon has 3p sellers that are paying enough in fees to cover amazon’s shipping cost too. That adds a little more to mix…


Thank you for the suggestion, but everything is good about my products. I just want a lower price.

I am selling beauty products and every seller seems to be offering them for the same price and with no profit.


You are one of the VERY few that has actually noticed that. The other problem is they are using AI to manipulate sellers and their products. That is another serious issue that cannot be overlooked. You will not make money unless you are extremely lucky.


You are probably purchasing from US distributors and that is why it’s not profitable. Order directly from manufacturers (generic and off-brand). If you need help getting pricing from factories in China, I can help. We manage the entire purchasing process from China for American businesses.


Unfortunately, selling ordinary US-produced products will indeed bring you very little profit. There is too much competition and your potential customers can purchase them anywhere else.

I would recommend you to sell something else, such as beauty products from Asia, these are very popular.