What do I need to do to be able to sell handmade dog accessories FBA?

I make (handmade) dog collars, martingales and leashes I do well with my fb group and finally after 10 years started a website.

Now that I make these to order for the most part but could I send stock in for fba? If yes, how do I get ungated?

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Go to your Seller Central Search for the product you are selling and click on the “Sell Yours” button. Scroll down to the “Category Requirements” section and click on the “Request Approval” button. Provide your business information, website address, product description. Click submit. Amazon will review your request and approve you if you meet their requirements.

You probably want to look into Amazon handmade.

Your products are more suited for the Amazon Handmade category. This will allow you to sell your handcrafted products to customers around the world.

To learn about the benefits of selling in the Handmade program, and eligibility see the Article Amazon Handmade.

Once approved, you can send them to FBA.


It’s your own Brand. Get you your brand name trademarked.