What do I expect to happen with these listings?

6 units in stock, making pennies just because there is no low-level inventory fee, but after the 1st of April, this listing will not be profitable anymore if selling at the current price. So now I have to increase the minimum so I can cover the low inventory level fee as the days in stock are below 28 days.

So what do I expect to happen with these listings? I expect less competition and the prices to go down as people will try to get rid of the stock before the 1st of April; then after that, whoever is going to sell this ASIN is going to sell at a higher price.
Yes, the low inventory fee can be avoided if you keep days in stock above 28 days.
My expectation of the prices to increase among all these cheap products still stands.

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What want to know is why sellers accept making pennies?

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Exactly why is someone selling to make 31 cents/unit, unless they’re selling 10k+/month…lol

Don’t think most will take notice of the low inventory fees tbh

There are not a lot of 3p sellers that do that

Is there something to notify us when we’re paying this fee or when we have 30 days of stock left?

This can be easily fixed with having great filters.

Filter by Days in stock

Filter by units in stock

Filter by velocity

Filter by cost

Agreed, but having alerts/reminders is super helpful