What could affect the buy box decreasing so fast?

Good Morning everyone,

I have some issues with my sales in general, I’ve come to the realization that is not advertising, it is not pricing and it is not a matter of inventory. Last year, my buy box was around 40%, and even the firsts days of Jan 2024 was around 34% and then from Jan 14 until now, my buy box dropped to 3%.

Please if someone knows or this had happened to one of you, please advice. Thank you so much in advance

Are u doing FBA or FBM? If FBA it could because if ODR, or any issues related to account health

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Sometimes the algorithm favors sellers with higher sales velocity, you can try to run targeted promotions, advertising campaigns.

Might be possible that the competitors are adopting effective strategies, try to stay informed about your competitors’ strategies and adjust your approach accordingly.

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There are certain things that lead to Amazon’s rotation of buybox such as seller feedback, pricing, late shipping rate, ODR, and many more.

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I am looking at my account health and nothing. It’s like the algorithm is not working in my favor at all. I have good reviews, inventory level is great, price (third party seller, we all have the same MAP pricing), idk. My returns are under 1%

It could be due to factors such as changes in competitor pricing, a decrease in seller performance metrics (like order defect rate or late shipment rate), or changes in Amazon’s algorithm.