What can I do to get this product listed?

I keep getting error code 8566 when I try to add a new product. It is private label, so I am the only one selling it but I don’t have brand registry so I listed it as “generic.” I used a GTIN from GS1 and also submitted a letter from the Chinese manufacturer. Amazon support seems to be sending me AI responses.

Hi @Dennis,

What exactly is AI telling you?

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This error means that a SKU in your Amazon feed doesn’t match any ASIN in Amazon’s catalog and that the product data you have provided is not sufficient for ASIN creation.

You cannot use GS1 barcodes for a generic product which is not officially linked with its brand. Seems like you messed up the listing.

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Hi @Dennis,

There are actually several reasons why you could be getting error code 8566.

Error 8566

If you have not yet established a sales history with Amazon, you might see this error message SKU does not match any ASIN and the product data provided is not eligible for ASIN creation. As you increase your sales, your capacity to create new ASINs will increase.

If you are an established seller and have created a high number of new ASINs, we reserve the right to temporarily remove your ability to create new ASINs. Your status will be re-evaluated every week.

This error may also occur if the feed file contains a standard product ID that is not affiliated with the submitted brand name.

Ensure that the UPC/EAN/GTIN you are trying to submit is registered in the GS1 tool.

Ensure that the brand name you are using to list the product is the exact brand name affiliated with the UPC/EAN/GTIN you are trying to submit.

After ensuring your brand and UPC/EAN/GTIN/JAN are registered and linked, download a new submission template and resubmit your listing details.