What can I do to be productive while waiting for my brand and logo design to be completed?

Product has been chosen but can’t move forward yet please help.

Have you worked on your listing yet?

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not yet… On it though and thank you

I also started researching and figuring out logistics/shipping in the meantime. I’m new and still on my first product.

Just go to the big box store and buy some marked down stuff and list it, then you will have a better understanding of high the loss and how little the profit margin really is. Looking at the amazon price list is useless, they omit key facts like the rate of theft, rate of return, how badly they cripple your account when a buyer makes false claims against you or the product. Those issues will determine how viable the site really is.

amazon hides those facts because they know for fact that if you seen them you would not bother signing up.

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Review the Seller university and try to learn as much as you can before starting to sell.

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