What can I do about item sold for wrong price?

An item we sell for $60 in USA by mistake sold for 10.00 due to some pricing error.

I got 4 orders.

What can I do ? Should I cancel the orders?

Actually, cancelling the orders would be the wisest option. No Amazon Seller will ever get suspended over the occasional cancellation.

Confirming as shipped and then refunding, even if it is just a single order can lead to account deactivation over suspected breach of Code of Conduct.

Amazon will believe that the seller is a dropshipper or otherwise not fulfilling orders.


Best is to take the hit and ship the goods then move on. I will say either way you will get beat up, promise you that you will get 4 negatives in a row over that. Then your search and buy box will be gone. Pulling that “shipped” then cancel BS will get you booted, bottom line is you made a mistake.

Don’t take it out on your buyer(s) for what you did wrong, its not morally or ethically correct to inconvenience them over your negligence.

I agree with @Kika that canceling would be the best solution if you cannot afford the loss.

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I had something similar happen I couldn’t do anything amazon wouldn’t cancel orders.

So I gotta ship the product ? If I cancel using pricing error would it going to be a problem?

It’s 4 orders loosing $200 USD.

It will affect your order defect score. It’s your gamble, will you risk your account for the sake of a few lost $$?

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You need to look at your losses, will that $200 save turn into $10,000 in lost sales…