What are your thoughts on AMAZON 3D and AR view?

Hello Everyone,

what do you think about AMAZON 3D and AR view? Does it have an impact on sales or does AMAZON favor listing with 3D view somehow better?

What is the difference between AR and 3D?

Pretty much the same. You can have 3D versions of your product shown to customers and they can drag and spin them.

This can potentially increase sales if you are selling furniture or other large products. However, I don’t think that Amazon favors listings with 3D views in its ranking algorithm. You will also need to invest into the technology.

It’s more likely that the quality of the listing (including detailed descriptions, high-quality images, positive reviews, and competitive pricing) plays a larger role in how Amazon ranks products.

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Thank you for that insights I think the overall appearance of your listing is the key to success here, and more and better visuals are certainly the key for that.