What are my chances of getting ungated as a new seller?


I was wondering does anyone know if its possible to ungate any brand with new account (0 sales) .

Do I need to make at least 1000 sales ?

Have invoice and everything…

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It is possible to get ungated as a new seller if you go through the proper steps. Most people use distributors or manufacturers, and that is ultimately the best way.

There are other ways with OA that I know of too. Some of my students have even used Target and Khols online to get invoices. I think it’s called a receipt for Khols, but has still worked for people. Targets app gives you an option to get an invoice though.

  1. Find 10 of the same products of the brand you want to sell. They of course have to be currently listed on Amazon.
    2.You then go through the proper steps of submitting the paperwork.

Here’s a link for our free ungating guide: :point_down:

Free Ungating Guide


As a new seller, you are restricted from selling almost every brand and category on Amazon. Amazon seems to be very cautious when authorizing new sellers to resell, even if you have invoices. I would advise you to start with available categories and brands to build up an established selling history.


Yes its possible but difficult now a days.

Precious sales history matters a lot but you can try with authentic invoices .


I suggest never going for gated categories without any sales history because it’s not just the invoices that help with ungating; your account plays a significant role, accounting for 50% of the process.