We have a product to send to Amazon

I want to be sure it’s packed correctly. One unit will be a 4 pack of cans. The cans are 12 fluid ounces. They already come in groups of 4 secured together with the can carrier below. We’re going to shrink wrap the 4 pack.

Place a single FNKU label, do not separate label and a suffocation warning. Is this acceptable?

I couldn’t find anything specific to what is basically a 4 pack of soda (our isn’t a soda, but another liquid).

The ‘This is sold as a set’ ‘Do not separate’ stickers is definitely needed for when they arrive to the warehouse. Then you should be all good.

Yes suffocation warning if Amazon needs ad FNKU


There are additional requirements for packaging liquids.

Packaging liquids, pastes, gels, and creams

Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in the refusal of inventory at the Amazon fulfillment center, disposal or return of inventory, blockage of future shipments to the fulfillment center, or charges for unplanned services.