Violation appealed and rejected but then i receive this email

“After further review of your account, we have decided that you may continue to offer the below items on We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. No action is required from you at this time”

Is not first time when this happened…

It could be that the one who is checking my appeal is some kind of first level support (they normaly dont understand basic questions and only reply with off topic templates) , then there is another team (higher level) who is accepting the appeal based on my account performance?

I had exactly the same one. There is an internal team. In my case I asked the account health support to forward to this internal team.

On the account health page it showed “our evaluate is complete” but in reality the internal team was working on it.

And when they were done then sent the same email and the policy violation disappeared.


Or they just researched about you and understood the consequences of rejecting it :smiley:


I’ve got 2 same emails yesterday - one for Uk and one of US. Both was for authenticity customers complaint. Funny thing that one for UK appeal was rejected and since then I didn’t appeal yet and yesterday violation disappeared . For USA product I appeal week ago and violation disappeared but email came through today


It just happened to me today. Account health rejected my appeal and my listing got deactivated. I appealed again with the same invoice and I suddenly received the email stating: “We reviewed the information you provided and decided that you may continue to offer these items on Amazon.”

For some reason, the product inauthencity complaint still appears on my account health after 7 hours of receiving that email and my AHR dropped 16 points.


Good that you successfully appealed it but i would open a case if the violation is not gone in the next 24hrs

Yes i received two emails actually for two asins which i was fighting to prove that they are authentic and sudenly all good now…Is Amazon realising that they should trust us more?

“internal team” i will remember this …good one

Amazon sometimes is good ah?:smiley:

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Just called account health and was notified that it’s not removed because something triggered a second violation. Now I have to appeal again…

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Thats a joke and good luck with the 2nd appeal , im sure it will get removed

Yeah :smiley:

Same thing happened to me this morning, but I didn’t appeal it, violation stands, but all of a sudden, I can sell the ASIN again.

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Hmm , so it looks like im not the only one…

Is Amazon trying to be good now?:smiley: