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USRX, LLC (“URBAN SKIN RX”) is the intellectual property owner of the URBAN SKIN RX product line, and has appointed VantageBP LLC (" VantageBP") as its representative with respect to certain intellectual property matters. VantageBP has detected that you are selling unverified products using

URBAN SKIN RX intellectual property.

In order to deliver a positive consumer experience, URBAN SKIN RX requires that products sold under the URBAN SKIN RX name are genuine and sourced through authorized channels. We reserve the right to seek confirmation that goods for sale in different retail channels meet these standards.

We have been unable to confirm that the URBAN SKIN RX goods listed for sale by your company are genuine, meet our quality standards, and are listed correctly. Accordingly, we ask that you provide us

with information and documentation to substantiate that said products meet these requirements.

URBAN SKIN RX is vigilant in protecting its rights against counterfeit and mislabeled products.

URBAN SKIN RX distributes its products through a select group of authorized sellers and only provides warranty and other post-sale services through those authorized sellers. Any sale outside of those authorized distribution channels voids the URBAN SKIN RX warranty. Accordingly, the marketing of such products as “new” is likely false and misleading and, therefore, may violate false advertising and unfair competition laws, and may also constitute trademark infringement.

Please provide documentation or other information to establish the following:

Identification of the source of your goods

Invoices supporting quantity of inventory noted above

Company contact and business address

If you are unable to provide this information, please immediately remove all URBAN SKIN RX-branded products associated with your seller account. Please note that failure to comply may result in further action being taken, including, but not limited to, the filing of an infringement complaint. Should you wish to discuss this further, or feel that you have received this notice in error, please contact us by emailing [email protected].

For additional information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions at the following link:

Your prompt consideration and cooperation regarding this matter is appreciated.


VantageBP LLC on behalf of URBAN SKIN RX

Following this I too got the same email

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I think that you can relax and disregard this e-mail. It is clearly a mass-message sent to multiple parties in attempt to intimidate. Genuine legal letters are addressed to you specifically, contain the details of your specific situation and are sent by a legitimate counsel.

Note the text at the bottom containing a disclaimer that this is not meant as a legal letter.

This is a very well-known practice of sending similar letters or e-mails.