Variations issue

Hey, I’m trying to list a product with a parent/child relationship (color differences). I’m running into an issue and would appreciate help.
When I select the product I want to list- the color variations do not come up as an option. I went to a competing product listed on Amazon (in that exact category)- it has color variations. How do I list with color variations?
Screen shots below:
The first screenshot shows a competing product with variations (what I am trying to achieve).
The second screenshot shows the product info (from the fist screen shot page)- I clicked “butter dishes” to see how the product was listed.
The third screenshot is what I am presented with when I try to list the product under the same category as the competing product.

You can choose size as variation and in the variation name you can add color name.

Amazon will accept that and there will be no issue.

Also you can add size as well if you want for example



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Hi @Flavia

This is a portion of the Template for Butter Dishes:

You can choose the color variation by uploading the Template.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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You are welcome, and best wishes. :O)