Utility bill verification - Is "LTE business internet for enterprise" valid for that?

Hi everyone!

We’ve been using Amazon in the USA for a while, and our account is verified. Now we want to open accounts for our brand in Amazon Germany and Japan. The problem is, Amazon needs a utility bill for water, electricity, gas, or internet with our legal address specified, which we can’t provide because we work from a coworking space.

Has anyone tried verifying their Amazon account using Verizon’s LTE Business Internet? We’re unsure if Amazon accepts this kind of bill due to the “LTE” in the service name. If you’ve faced a similar situation or know of other services that work, your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Its been many years ago since reading the qualifications, seem to recall they had qualifiers in there like “piped service” “physical connection”. My thoughts would be no, it would be a very easy threat vector. All you can do is try.


Hello @David,

thank you for joining our forum. Please note that you can apply without worries as a bank account statement or even a debit / credit card statement showing the company address will be enough. There is no need to provide Amazon an actual utility bill.

Feel free to post here any further questions related to your Seller Identity Verification.

You can also watch my informative video addressing the subject:

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