Used Sold as New removal of several listings

HI, I have had several listings removed for USed Sold as New- These are all in my brands, and I have emailed pq team, and keep getting same generic responses. What can I do further. The items are DIY metal goods, and just by the nature we do get picky buyers. The items are all brand new, I know for a fact we have better packaging than any other suppliers selling on AMazon as they purchase from msot of the same manufactueres and follow our branding designs and packaging.

I am sorry to hear that your listing was blocked. Don’t worry, receiving a Policy Warning like this doesn’t necessarily mean that your buyer actually received his order in a used condition or that you sold used items.

It simply means that Amazon’s bots found something which triggered the complaint after scanning through your Product Reviews, Seller Feedbacks, buyer-seller messaging communication, return or A-Z claim comments.

You don’t need to admit your guilt. All they want is to explain them, what you believe caused the complaint - check your customer feedback, product reviews, returns comments…

Then they want to hear, how did you handle the issue, for example accepted any returns and carefully checked your entire inventory. Here you can tell them that selling used items is impossible for you as your products are manufactured by you.

And the last thing is telling them, what will you do to prevent similar complaints in the future. For example describing all your items accurately, continuing to source supplies from reputable distributors…

This is all about handling the complaint and preventing them, not about you selling Used items.

Amazon will expect you to present them a Plan of Action.