Use reviews to improve product launches with new Customer Review Insights

Announcement reposted from Amazon Japan:

You can now access new, data-driven product insights to help launch successful products within the Customer Review Insights tab of the Opportunity Explorer.

You’ll see the following new features:

  • Review Trends (for brands) shows shifts in customer sentiment over the last six months to identify trends in positive and negative reviews.
  • Parent ASIN insights provide an overview of customer sentiment and is especially helpful for ASINs with multiple variations as it summarizes customer review insights for the product. With parent ASIN-level insights, brands can now access an in-depth view of sentiment for their entire listing in one view.
  • ASIN Benchmarking compare your product’s star rating to the category average star rating to strategically position your product and gain a competitive edge.

To view the new features, go to the Customer Review Insights tab within the Opportunity Explorer