Urgent help with Amazon promotions please!

I’m running a multi-buy promotion on my most popular products to try and get them to also buy my less popular products - if they buy any of my main products they get 10% off any of 5 other products if bought together.

On seller central > manage promotions it says the promotions are active, and it’s started using up the budget and it says there have been orders. But when I go onto any of the listings I can’t actually see anything?

When I did the same thing last year it used to flag the promotion quite prominently near the top of the listing, but now I can’t see anything. Am I missing something?

Or am I just giving discount to people who already added both products to their basket anyway, without actually getting any exposure for my less popular products?

If you want to see what I mean, this is one of the main products:

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Without-Doubt-quiz.../dp/B09GF5PGT2 and if they buy this they will get 10% off this product if bought together https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shot-Dark-Sport.../dp/B0BML57MQJ

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your Amazon promotions. It seems like you’re facing visibility issues with your multi-buy promotion on Amazon.

While Seller Central indicates that the promotions are active and orders have been placed, you’re concerned about not seeing any promotional flags on your product listings.

It’s possible that the promotion may not be displaying prominently as it did last year due to Amazon’s interface changes.

As long as you are receiving orders, all should be fine. There may be delays in displaying the data in the Seller Central. If you are spending budget but not getting orders, then I would suggest you to pause the promotion.

There are lots of PPC experts on the forum who may be able to advise, such as @usmanyousaf112 or @PPC_guru or @Tim-PPC.