Updating unit count of my product

Hello everyone,

I am not able to change the unit count of my product on Amazon. I tried to change it in ‘Manage Inventory’ and then edit the rate. It shows in the ‘Manage Inventory’ page that the rate is changed, but when I checked on the Amazon sale page under ‘Other Sellers,’ it shows the previous one unchanged. I have tried so many times.

What should I do?

Please help me.


It takes some time for the changes show in the Amazon catalog.

When I update price and/or available quantity, I update the price first. Once that change is made, I’ll update the quantity.

Even then, it takes some time for the change to be reflected on the Catalog page.


Thanks for your replay. My changes are still not showing and nothing I do will update the public Amazon listing shown to buyers. I can see it saved and already edited in my Seller Portal.

How long should I wait? Will it help when I contact Seller Support?

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It’s more than 24-hours. At this point, I would contact Seller Support.

Come back and let us know what they say?


The changes never were approved by Amazon. I tried editing and saving every day but nothing works. When I submitted Seller Support case, they replied that only Brand Owner can make changes.

You were trying to change the quantity and price of your offer.

Are you trying to update a listing of a brand owner?