Update to Amazon UK and EU agreements and VAT treatment

Announcement reposted from Amazon Europe:

Effective August 1, 2024, Selling on Amazon, Fulfilment by Amazon, and all other services currently supplied by Amazon Services Europe S.à r.l. (ASE) will be supplied by Amazon EU S.à r.l. (AEU). All agreements, policies, terms and conditions currently referring to ASE, including Amazon Payments agreements, will be updated to AEU. Additionally, all invoices issued by Amazon will be issued by AEU instead of ASE after August 1, 2024.

If your company is established in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium or Sweden, you will be invoiced by the AEU branch in your country of establishment. As a result, local VAT rules apply and VAT will be charged on your Amazon fees. In the majority of cases, we expect that you will be able to recover this VAT through your normal VAT return process.

We recommend that you contact your tax advisor for more information on recovering VAT as per your country of establishment’s local regulation.

If your company is not established in the countries listed above, you will be invoiced by the AEU head office in Luxembourg, and there will be no change to how VAT is applied on Amazon fees.

Note: This change doesn’t impact your account access, listings, product pricing, customer reviews, selling services or the price of services.

For more information, go to Update to Amazon UK and EU seller services entity and VAT treatment.