UPC codes for my Amazon listings


I need a UPC for my product and I am selling in the U.S. only. Can I acquire it from barcodestalk, or it has to be from GS1?


It has to be gs1


Yes. It has to be from GS1.

Get Authentic U.P.C. Barcodes from GS1 US


I bought some on Ebay. Most of them work well but some listings got suppressed.

Better to buy from GS1

Yes you can buy UPC from GS1.

They might work, they might not. So yes, better buy from GS1.

But they will definitely stop working when the person/company you bought them from stops paying their subscriptions.

If you are serious about doing business and don’t want trouble ahead, don’t cut corners for just a few dollars/pounds etc. Do it properly and use GS1. Remember that you will need to keep your subscriptionactive by paying the annual fee.


but for a starter testing a product it gets pricey… any other option do you suggest?

What is the fee is you don’t mind?

Sell a product that comes with a barcode or apply for GTIN exemption. Read up about GTIN exemption on Seller Central (search " How to list products that do not have a GTIN (UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN)") and if you think your products qualify, go ahead and make the application.


Sorry, sometimes you have to do a little work yourself. Go to GS1 and check the prices.

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This is what I found:

Annual licence fee ÂŁ1,743

So too much over my budget :sob:

There seems to be conflicting information. A different site says you pay a fee based on the number of barcodes you purchase:

Not sure where you saw this but the link in your later post is correct, assuming you are in the USA. If your business can’t afford those fees, then you may as well call it a day.


Googled it. There is a lot of conflicting information.

The link you posted is for the GS1 website. That’s where I copied the pricing table.You can purchase the one GS1 code for $30.00, with no annual fee.


Great thank you!

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You’re welcome, and best wishes…

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