Unknown charges on Amazon Germany account

Hello fellow sellers.

For some odd reason every month i get a charge of 0.01 in the German marketplace.

What could be the reasons and how do I fix it please?




It could be storage fee for an item returned to Germany, even if you don’t sell there.

I get them every now and then and having had poor experience with Seller Support before about this, I don’t bother investigating them any more unless they are more than a few pennies.


You must have sold something in Germany and maybe had a return, so basically paying storage fees, raise a ticket with them and you should get reimbursed.


I’m going in the US marketplace and I get charged $0.02 (US) every few months. It stays there for a little while before it mysteriously vanishes like it. Mysteriously showed up. There’s no explanation. Just an Amazon glitch the Amazon refuses to acknowledge. Just normal every day stuff with Amazon.


It’s a very small amount, personally, I wouldn’t waste my time on this :sweat_smile:

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All my other marketplaces are off, so don’t see how this is possible but I will give it a go, thanks!

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

Maybe you had EFN on in the past.

hmm, not that i recall, but maybe :man_shrugging:

I had it myself, I just added the card and paid, got in touch and they said for some reason had some units stuck in Germany as return, were was supposed to be returned to UK, they disposed of them and had no fee after.