Unfulfillable inventory

I have multiple asins in my unfillable inventory regularly. I don’t feel that I am dealing with them effectively. Reasons range from, warehouse damage/distributor damage/customer damage/defective/expired. Mostly, I have them returned to me if the option allows me, costing a removal fee.

The point is, non of the stock I send in is damaged when it leaves, even the expired are never expired. I know these are incurring me a loss. How should we be dealing with these different types of reasons, effectively?

Any communication to seller central has always been a waste of time, resulting in just accepting the removal etc What I’m I doing wrong here? What are the ways you are dealing with this aspect of the business?

Please share your thoughts.

Open a case for warehouse and distributor damaged to get reimbursed.

You can request a bin check for expired if you are sure it is not expired.

Nothing you can do for customer damaged and defective except remove and inspect. If still resellable send back in.

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Awesome thank you ! the bin check? is that doable through the seller central navigation menu? I use the reports to check on reimbursements etc not sure what you mean by bin check.

You just create a case and specify which asin you want Amazon to check.

You do not use a software like STK?

And everything that @masud530 said is what you need to do.

I use STK.