Uneven campaign spending


I have some products on the same ppc campaign but 1 of them is costing me around 80% of the campaign and 20% the other , and i dont understand why ?

Anyone could help me ?

Maybe because the campaign that is spending more has more potential keywords or more search volume. Or maybe the compaign that is spending more has the main keywords of the product. Optimize the budget by adjusting the daily budget. Moreover, go to the settings and maybe there would be option enabled ‘Spend up to 100%’. Once you set the spend up to 25%, you will see a decline in spend soon.

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And what about sales ? I don’t have any sales , maybe its bc I don’t have any reviews?

A lot of people click on the listing but no-one is buying it.

Here is an example https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C28N6G6J

I waited 2 weeks but i didn’t sell anything , i don’t have reviews , but my listings are very good , with nice photos and brand photos description , what happens ?

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The product that consumes more budget may be targeting highly competitive keywords that have high CPC.

Reduce your price first, rank your product, gain reviews and also optimize your listing.