Unable to change the listing title

Hi everyone ,

I need to change product’s title for 2 of my listings. I was able change images but I couldnt able to change title,the brand owner updated package of products so I need to revise on Amazon too because It caused me to get refunds recently because of different title name and then followed with to got performance notifications about wrong product condition,now I temporarily closed the listing.

Do you think I need to open a case for that issue ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Ashish

Product Detail Page Rules

  • Create new detail pages for new products or versions.

  • You must not use an existing listing for a new version of a product. This includes changes in color, size, material, features, and product name. Instead, create a new product detail page for each new version.

As one who had total Detail Page Control over every one of my 3,000+ listings, I’m fairly certain that rules governing what can change, and what requires a new ASIN includes the manufacturer changing the product picture, and title.

You want to open a case with Seller Support to have the listing changed back, and have the customer complaints removed from your record.

This is not your fault. The manufacturer did not follow Amazon’s Detail Page Rules.

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In addition to what @FunkyMonkey says, when updating a listing, 15 minutes is the standard time needed for any changes made on listings to be fully processed.

However, in case that you don’t have the listing control, you may never see the content which you submitted being added into the listing. This is due to not having the listing control.

The listing control is awarded to sellers by Amazon based on their own internal criteria, which include performance history, returns rate, metrics or seller feedback, for example.

You creating a listing doesn’t mean that you will be the one with listing control.

If you don’t have the listing control, the only way how to make Amazon accept your changes is to open a case with the Seller Support under “Products and Inventory” - “Product page issue” and “Fix a product page”.

You will be asked to provide some proof supporting your desired updates, such as a link to the manufacturer’s website.

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