UK Account Deactivated Due to VAT

My amazon UK account got suspended yesterday but I don’t know what to do next pls Kika guide. I think our account has been deactivated due to not VAT registered here, how to reactivate it?

Thanks in Advance

If you do not live in UK but have chosen to store your goods in UK (for example, FBA), you MUST register for VAT.

I that is the case with you, which is what it seems, you need to register for VAT and click on the link in the message to upload the number.


Were you doing FBA in the UK or what sort of selling volume were you involved in? Are you based in the UK?

Hi @usmanyousaf112,

I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to failure to verify your VAT number.

As you know, when you are a non-UK resident who operates a virtual company in the UK, there is no VAT threshold and you need to be VAT registered. It seems like you failed to upload proof of your VAT registration on time.

Please provide more information about your case for better advice.

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Thanks Kika

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