Types of products where we can lose money without even knowing!

I made a $0.96 profit selling at the current price of $9+ USD. However, when the low inventory level fee kicks in on the 1st of April, if I have days in stock 28 days or below, then I will be charged a low inventory level fee, which can be up to $1.11 depending on the size and historical days of supply (see the image below).

Now, I am going to increase my minimum to 13 so I can cover all fees and make it worthwhile to sell this ASIN (I don’t like making pennies). The Keepa history and current listing situation are telling me that this is the right thing to do.


So do they want us to buy extra stock to reduce fees but then charge us storage fees haha

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This how Amazon in many cases protect the brand

Brand always stock up 1000 units

I can restock that much, since we not sure when brand decides to gate the products.

On my situation is better to pay the low inventory fees stead re-stock thousand of dollars, risk to be blocked

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They will charge you 1.11 only when your stock will be really low to cover sales for only 14 days or less. It’s calculated on short term (30 days) and long term (90 days). More realistic scenario that you will be penalized for only 0.47 (21-28 days).

Yap and this will require some admin work :smiley:

I feel that they force us to use their warehouses

I hope some repricers will start using this data and we weill be able to increase pricing above the buybox to slow sales and avoid that fee

Not only that , having great and very pe customisable filters/views is more required than ever