Trying to get ungated in a brand

Submitted my first online receipt which was denied within 24 hours. Since I uploaded a new invoice from a distributor but no response.

Do I need to close the original request and submit a new one ? Or should I have been able to attach and reply to the current request??

Is your distributor is legit and acceptable to Amazon?

How do I know that?

Ensure that it meets Amazon’s invoice criteria. It should be issued by a distributor and not a retailer. Which error does Amazon show when rejecting the invoice?

Its just been auto declined. I had a case open, submitted a retail receipt so it was decline. I updated it with a invoice from a distributor and after 4 days nothing. So I closed it and tried to reapply thinking once you get declined you might not get a answer again. It auto declined it in 20 seconds saying I uploaded the same thing but no one ever looked at the new documents. Am I better off closing it, waiting 24 hours and doing it again ? Or do I just need to wait till someone actually reviews it. I also have a 3rd invoice from another company I can use and have pictures of the product in hand.

My friend, what you need to do is to analyze the cause of the problem you are facing now: Why is the online receipt rejected? What are Amazon’s rules on this? Have you obtained a commercial invoice or proforma invoice from your supplier?

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