Trying to get disbursment

Amazon are saying my bank details are invalid so I cannot receive a payment from amazon,
but Amazon are able to access the same account using the same bank details, and withdrawn a £1 fee
Anyone experienced similar situation,
and apparently you can no ;longer call seller central to talk to an advisor

Your charge method’s ability to be charged has nothing to do with disbursements.

You will need to find out what is wrong. It could be the bank owner’s name not matching what is entered in your Seller Account, for example.

Regarding contacting the Seller Support, do you have the Professional Selling Plan? Otherwise, you won’t be able to request a callback.

Thanks for your reply,
I’m still struggling to understand the situation, if the charge ability has nothing to do with disbursements, why did amazon request the charge immediately I asked for the disbursement to be issued,

I have contacted the bank and there is no issue with them, I have had two different people enter my details, in case I was making the same error over and over,
and its taken 5 days to get a response from the concern team

any advice appreciate. thanks