Trying to create a new listing. Why am I getting this error? I did just purchase the upc from GS1. Is there a wait period?

What is irritating is it let me proceed, fill everything out then it gives me this error and nothing saved… so now I have to redo it all and now it won’t let me get passed this point.

You will have to wait a week or two for the data to be update. Amazon’s aws is slow so it falls in place that everything they do is slow.


Amazon responded as tells me my upc is restricted. How is this restricted. I bought it from GS1 barcodes the same way I bought the last one. And of course I have to jump through hoops to correspond back to these people about this issue that makes 0 sense. Have you had this issue before?

From your correspondence, we see that you are having an issue while adding a product as you have encountered an error. We empathize with your situation and understand your frustration in this matter as we know how important that is to your business. Rest assured that we will help you get this issue resolved.

Upon checking, I am saddened to inform you that the UPC you have used is restricted. Restricted UPCs are considered invalid.

Some GTIN, EAN and UPC ranges do not have a registered owner and are intended to be used for internal purposes only. These unregistered product identifiers do not uniquely identify products and therefore cannot be used to list items on Amazon.

I wouldn’t believe anything that Seller Support tell you, they really have no clue.

As @skeeter said, allow a little time for the data to synchronise although it should do this in a day or so, hopefully not a week.

Come back and let us know if it finally works.


Are you sure you purchased directly from GS1, not a 3p reseller. You should have gotten a block of several codes with your name on them. “One code” makes me believe you were ripped off, I could be wrong since its been a while since dealing with GS1.

check you code here.

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